Overview of the municipal parliament of Amsterdam during the 9-hour conference Beyond Allegories (videos)

Resolution No.I: "Plea for a Free Zone" presented by Salima Belhaj (Democrats'66) and Maartje Demmers
(theater collective Wunderbaum)
  Resolution No.II "Towards an Extra-Parliamentary Democracy" presented by Mariko Peters (Green Party)
and artist Jonas Staal
  Resolution No.III "Political Representation Beyond Citizenship" presented by Yoonis Osman Nuur
(refugee collective We Are Here) and artist and initiator of Silent University Ahmet Öğüt
Resolution No.IV "Mapping the Deep State" presented by Dirk Poot (Pirate Party) and design collective Foundland (Lauren Alexander and Ghalia Elsrakbi)   Resolution No.V "The Creative City: A Blessing for Administration but a Curse for the Arts" presented by Carolien Gehrels (Labor Party) and artist Hans van Houwelingen   Resolution No.VI "The Democratization of Art" by Ron
Meyer (Socialist Party) and artist Matthijs de Bruijne
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