1:1 reconstruction of four cells from a prison model developed by far-right Freedom Party (PVV) MP Fleur Agema

Impression of the passing of daylight in a cell from the first phase of the prison model, entitled ‘The Bunker’

Introduction to the work of Agema by Jonas Staal

'Radio Wunderbaum', by Wunderbaum (Matijs Jansen and Marleen Scholten, contributions by Lizzy Timmers and Bas Heijne)

'Fleur, A Monologue', Text: Marijke Schermer; Performance: Catrien van Boxtel; Director: Eric de Vroedt

'Wait for God', by Alexandra Broeder Discipline, Safety and Punishment’ and ‘Two forms of Utopia: Open and Closed’, by Merijn Oudenampsen Debate with Joost Hulsenbek, Magreet Vogteloo, Merijn Oudenampsen and Jonas Staal, moderated by Chris Keulemans
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